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Is any other major still furloughing?

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Capt. Homer
Nov 25, 2001
It looks like Delta is putting another 31 on the street July 1 for a total of 805. Is any other major ie. AA UAL CAL U ect still putting pilots on the street. If not could you tell how many are out at your airline and when the last ones went on the street. As far as I can tell Delta is the last airline still furloughing.

United has a total of 844 pilots currently on furlough. The last round of guys cut was on March 2nd, with 253 getting the axe. There was talk of one more round of cuts coming in the summer, but so far the company has not advised the union that they will cut anymore. Hopefully we are done.
NWA has 490 on furlough which ended earlier this year. Right now it looks like recalls will probably begin sometime in the 4th quarter.
AA has 696 Pilots on furlough with the last furlough in March. Recalls maybe late 02' or early 03'

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