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Investment Opinions in Skywest and ACA

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Well-known member
Dec 11, 2001
Does anyone out there have any opinions on Skywest and Atlantic Coast Airways? There stock is down quite a bit, and they are both making money. The regional airlines are hiring, and it was my understanding that mainlines are trying to push a lot of their business off to the regionals. Regional airlines seem to be the wave of the future, so what is the downside of buying these two airlines now? They sound like a bargain to me.
Put your money elsewhere...

Airlines are HORRIBLE investments. Period.
I am sure its time to buy airline stocks if everyone is as bearish as the previous poster. Surfnole, don't base your decisions off of a pilot bb board. Pilots are no more expert on investments than any other employee of any company. Although, I am sure you are using this as just one aspect of your decision process. Regionals seem like a logical investment right now and some mainline stocks are the cheapest they have been in years. Afterall, the idea is to buy low, and when stocks are low that means most folks think they are bad investments. Thats how Warren Buffet made all that cash so he must be on to something.

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