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Interview w/ SkyWest..



in a few weeks and had a couple of questions.

1) Does anyone have class date information for the next few months?(bro and rj)
2) Anyone lately been hired with strictly low CFI time?
3) Will one session at American Aviation give you a good feel for the sim?

Any info is appreciated. I'm excited


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Oct 20, 2002
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for #3, I went for 2 sim sessions with Bill Jacobus in SNA.
The second one seemed to just reinforce the first one, but it purely depends on just how much sim time you have had.
In a previous lifetime, I had and also did a lot of instructing in a LINK trainer, the one with the little short wings that had motion...like the ride in front of the supermarket. That thing was so wishy washy, it took a few hrs to get the hang of it.
Maybe that describes ALL SIMS?
I guess it depends on just how you pick up sim technique...

Good luck with the interview! Be prepared!


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Dec 30, 2004
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I didn't get a chance to go to american aviation and I did fine in the sim. By all means practice if you can. The sim is very stable and easy to fly.