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Interview questions

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Well-known member
Apr 25, 2002
How do you answer some of the interview ?'s when it deals with the captain drinking after a 10hr rule implied by the company or situations like that? Is there some way of contacting someone at the airline if you don't feel safe? I'm not sure what they are exactly looking for in these HR questions that I keep reading about. Sure I understand that I wouldn't want to fly if something stupid is going down, and I could be held responsible as well, but what kind of solution are they looking for you to describe?

"I would just sit in the hotel and lock the door." Not really just trying too be funny, but I didn't know if I am suppose to understand how to handle these situations before I go for an interview. I have never worked for an airline so I'm just trying to learn what is expected.

Thanks for any help,

these types of ?'s are to find out what type of person you are.....are you someone who is going to rat out the guy/girl right away.....are you going to try and help him/her out....they want to see if you can think practically, use your head......for instance i had that question asked of me in my interview....
i told them i would confront the captain (the following morning) and ask him if he was feeling ok.....if he blew me off then i would ask him again to see if he should call in sick.....again if he said he was ok and he surely wasn't i said i was trying to help him out first before i would have to tell someone about the fact that he was still drunk of smelled of booze.....its better to give the guy a way out than to instantly put him in front of the firing squad.....
my .2cents
Confront the Captain first. If that doesn't get the situation resolved, call the manager on duty.
My answer:

1) Confront the Captain privately. Tell him he needs to call in sick. If he doesn't, you will and either way the flight is cancelled.

2) Tell him that after he calls in sick to immediately call Employee Assistance because you are going to call your union's Pro Standards Committee. His job is saved but at the same time this incident isn't "swept under the rug" only to happen a week later. Alcoholism is a disease.

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