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Interview Questions

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Well-known member
May 29, 2002
Does any know of a website or has a file of interview questions
It would be great if someone could send me some help.
We all need to help each other during this time.


please send to:

[email protected]
For where at what?

What kind of job? I'll assume you mean regional. I went through five interviews, so maybe I can help with a couple of things.

Be prepared to answer any and all questions on the aircraft you've been flying. You may think that some captain or chief pilot on the interview board knows nothing about Seminoles, but, believe me, they do. Know airspace. Know approach plates. Know the rules under which you've been operating.

Come up with answers to the classic questions about captain ducking below mins on the ILS, drunken captain, etc. Captain who wants to forge ahead, although you, as FO, discovered a defective or inop no-go item during the preflight.

Know the company and see if you can get gouge on specific interviewers so you don't put your foot in your mouth. I interviewed at Mesa just as RJs were being designed and marketed. My interviewer asked if I had any questions. I asked if Mesa planned to purchase RJs. He said "no," and was clearly annoyed. Not that this was the most reasonable individual around by reputation . . . . but that question might have cost me a class date. Of course, we know the rest of that story, but that's another issue.

You might be asked how you feel about unions. That can be a major minefield. I had a friend who was asked that during his Mesa interview. He told me he said he was neutral. He was hired. This was during the late '80s, before ALPA came on the property.

You might be asked if you've ever been arrested, although the interviewer has your app in front of you and you have answered "no" to that question as plain as day. I was asked that question twice, by two different people, during one interview. I don't know why they always ask questions that you've already answered on your application.

Long before you even thought about applying, you should have investigated yourself to find skeletons in your closet of which you weren't aware. In other words, order all your driving records, your National Driver Register file, your FAA airman records and your FAA medical records. Review your records and construct answers to questions about any untoward items.

Hope this helps a little. Good luck with your interview.

You speak of ordering your National Driver Register file, but does anyone out there know where I would go to for that? Is there a single location out there where I would request such info or is it just each individual state's driving record? I would like to make sure that I see a copy of exactly what an airline would see.

Driver records

Here's a Department of Transportation webpage for ordering your National Driver Register file:


You would order your state driving records from the individual state Motor Vehicle Departments or similar agencies.

Hope that helps. Once again, good luck with your interview(s).
...or you can try the willflyforfood site. I don't have the link on this computer, though.

I'm sure someone who has it will post it for you.

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