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May 25, 2003
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I downloaded this awhile ago, and was curious how much it resembles the type of information that a regional will require when interviewing.

It's a lot of stuff, and I appreciate anyone taking the time to read it all and give me a response.

Chautauqua Interview Gauge -

Interview Break Down:
ü Company Presentation
ü Wonderlic test - check the internet for samples
ü 25 Instrument Test
ü HR and Technical Interview, with Rosa and a Captain
ü Simulator evaluation. Not everybody does it. It seems that 121 don’t tend to do it.

General Recommendations:
ü Study the AIM - Especially runway and airport signs and markings.
ü Study the FARs
ü Study the Jeppessen Approach Charts.
ü Practice Simulator skills in a PCATD - Elite (Baron Configuration)
ü Practice Instrument Flying Skills with out the Autopilot.
ü Know yourself and be honest.
ü Bring a few letters of recommendation.
ü Know about Chautauqua CEO, etc. and the mission statement.
ü Use a computer or type all your paperwork.
ü Wonderlic Test: or
ü Books: Cheryl Cage, Air Inc. And Berliner Corporation.
ü Interview Panel: Rosa (H.R), Captains: Rodney Cook, Chris Michaels, Todd Hoagland, Doug , and Dirk Melchior.

Written Test Questions: (it seems to be three versions)
1. The UFO question - NIDS. How and who to call at altitude an you see a UFO.
2. Know how to interpret exact Temperature on the METAR
3. Decode winds aloft by using the -50 / +100 rule.
4. Light gun signals.
5. What does flashing red from the tower mean?
6. Descend problem.
7. VASI questions.
8. How long does the touchdown zone lighting extend?
9. When should you slow down when expected to hold?
10. Is the VASI good for 10 SM or NM?
11. How often is the NOTAM publication issued? Four weeks not 28 days!!
12. What is the VASI range?
13. Inbound on 022 Radial; hold west, what type of entry?
14. DA is MSL or AGL?
15. DH is MSL or AGL?
16. How long before departure do you call for the clearance?
17. What is the recommended time to request clearance at an airport using pre-departure clearance procedures? (10 minutes)
18. Difference between Type 1 and Type 4 de-ice?
19. What distance is a Compass Locator usable?
20. What color are taxiways lights?
21. MB=RB+MH questions.
22. Heading 045°, RB 345°, what is the MB to the station?
23. Holding speeds for different altitudes.
24. Runway environment lights, signs, and markings.
25. Flying at FL370 at 300kts, descend to FL250 in 50 nm, what will be your descent rate?
26. How wide is the LDA? How many degrees off centerline?
27. How wide is the localizer signal in feet at the approach end of the runway?
28. What is the minimum separation on an ILS / PMR (parallel runways)?
29. What color are the taxiway leadoff lights from the runway to the taxiway?
30. VOR range for different altitudes.
31. What part of the runway does TDZE refer to?
32. What is the identifier of a LOM on an ILS?
33. What is the designation for a military training route with segments above 1500’ AGL?
34. Calculate a descent rate based on groundspeed, distance to cross the fix, and altitude to lose.
35. MVA gives you how much terrain clearance?
36. How far is the Middle Marker from the runway?
37. Runway is closed. What type of NOTAM will it be in?
38. How often does the NOTAM book come out?
39. Class B airspace height. Review Airspace.
40. What color is the Inner Marker?
41. What happens to your minimums when centerline lights are in sight?
42. You are flying at Fl290 on a heading East, what is the next altitude you can climb to?
43. Calculate the Vertical Speed to make a crossing restriction.
44. What is the color of the sign to enter a runway?
45. Maximum airspeed below 10,000’ MSL.
46. What are the distances of threshold markers down the runway?
47. Inbound Radial 222; hold west on 270, standard turns, what type of entry?
48. Where do runway edge lights turn to yellow?
49. When do centerline lights alternate red/white?
50. What is not required to report to ATC? (you are given a list of choices)
51. At what altitude is DME required?
52. What is the tolerance for an airborne VOR check?
53. At what weather conditions will the critical ILS area be in effect?
54. What is RVR/DH if with CAT I with approach lights?
55. RVR value for 5000’
56. When do runway edge lights change color?
57. Frequencies for VOR, ILS.
58. ILS is out of service, type of NOTAM.
59. Which is UHF; Glide Slope, VOR, ILS?
60. TAF is good for how long?

Technical Questions:
1. When is the ILS critical area in effect?
2. Read a METAR / TAF.
3. Brief an Approach chart IFR Low Altitude Enroute chart.
4. Airport Diagram chart, tell about different symbols.
5. Approach Chart; Navaid box, runway length, frequencies, Hold entry, Altitude, Speeds, time of legs, Missed approach procedure, DH /MDA. Glide slope goes out, what happens?
6. How long is a TAF valid for?
7. What is the FAF (VOR approach)?
8. Define final approach fix.
9. What does the (R) next to the approach control frequency mean?
10. How many miles can you go outbound in the procedure turn and still be protected?
11. What kind of lighting does this runway have (Jepp Charts)?
12. What does * mean next to the tower frequency (Jepp Charts)?
13. What are the requirements for a Contact Approach? Visual Approach?
14. What is MORA?
15. What is MOCA?
16. What are VFR minimums?
17. What conditions must be present to file IFR? Or when do you need to file IFR?
18. When is an Alternate Required?
19. What is the fuel reserve for IFR?
20. Define TDZE Lighting.
21. What do blinking yellow lights on the side of the runway mean?
22. How far do the threshold lights extend down the runway?
23. How far does the approach lighting system extend out past the runway end?
24. What is the Pilot controlled lighting? How does it work?
25. CAT I ILS minimums
26. What is needed to bring CAT I ILS minimums to 1800 RVR?
27. Precision Runway Lighting.
28. What does PAPI mean?
29. When can you go below 1800 RVR?
30. Holding speeds.
31. What is a takeoff alternate?
32. Know the basics of the airplane that you are currently flying; Max takeoff weight, max ramp weight, max landing weight, V1, V2, Vmc, Vmo, Mmo, Va (define Va), Engine, V-speeds in general, Electrical system, and Fuel System.
33. If you fly a turbine airplane be able to explain how the engine works.
34. How much runway is available when you see RED CL lights?
35. How do you calculate a VDP?
36. Ever had any accidents? Incidents? Violations?
37. What is critical engine?
38. What is the biggest airplane you have flown?
39. What is adiabatic lapse rate?
40. What is Radar Attenuation?
41. What is a MEL?
42. What is CDL?
43. What are the different minimum visibility requirements for different aircraft on takeoff?
44. When I say 10,000’, what comes to your mind? What about 18,000’?
45. What are the Hold-Short Line and Critical ILS Area? What side do you hold short?
46. Runway and taxi signs.
47. What do you do if you lose communications?
48. Tower Light Gun Signals.
49. What is accelerate-stop distance?
50. Calculate a crossing restriction. Vertical speed - Mentally.
51. What is balanced field length?
52. What is an isobar?
53. What is found on the surface analysis chart?
54. What is your in-flight engine failure procedure?
55. What are the basic differences between FAR 91, 135, and 121?
56. How often are you required to do a VOR check?
57. What type of weather is reported in a SIGMET?
58. What are MSA, MOCA, Grid MOCA, and MORA?
59. Jet engine theory; explain.
60. When do you go missed on an ILS?
61. Name the 3 stages of a thunderstorm.
62. Name the types of Fog.
63. What is St. Elmo’s fire?
64. What affects CG?


Dec 20, 2001
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121 are doing the sim there was one during my interview an he got sent to do it so did I (135 schedule)


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Nov 30, 2003
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39 yrs
Looking at all those interview questions I sure am glad I dont have to go through that anymore.

Good luck, guys!


Zulu who?
May 25, 2003
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Personally, I like #44 under technical questions. :)