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May 30, 2004
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Is it plausible that a company would have an "implant" pilot show up for an interview as a test of an applicants personality?
Scenario: Four guys show up for an interview, they meet in the lobby, everyone shakes hands and introduces themselves. Minutes later a female applicant shows up. She walks in and goes straight to the opposite side of the room. Two of the male applicants get up and go over and introduce themselves, the other two males applicants donot. The human resource lady is running late, we were told "she will be right with you". So, there is plenty of time to chit chat. After a thirty question ATP (derived) test, the two male applicants that did not introduce themselves to the female applicant are sent home. Reason: They failed the written test. (Without being shown the results)
Fact is stranger than fiction. The female applicant and the HR lady had the same first name and the HR lady never showed. When the male applicants are released, the DOT finishes by saying "Oh, let me introduce myself..." at the very end.
Would a company go to this great length to test personality or do I need to consider getting my straight jacket dry cleaned?
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Apr 15, 2004
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I think interviews make everyone a little paranoid.

I thought the hotel bus driver might be a mole, the front desk guy a mole, the busboy at the restaurant a mole, the various airline employees walking up and down the hall, moles.

Thought the assembly room might be bugged to hear what we said when left alone.

Thought the piss test lady might pass it along that I didn't wash my hands very well afterwards.

Thought the sack lunch provided had a big sloppy mayonaisey sandwich in it to see if I could figure out how to eat it without getting it all over the front of my suit.

I assumed everyone remotely connected to the companies I interviewed at were evaluating me in some way, and that everything I did and said was part of that evaluation. Better safe than sorry.

I think I can just put my straight jacket right in the washing machine...doesn't say dry clean only.