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Interview question

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
question for those that have been interviewed within the last 3 months: Is HR contacting you by phone or by mail? My wife is on-line a lot during the day and the phone line is tied up. I'm just wondering if there is a chance of not getting the call because it's busy at the old homestead. Thanks.

Most of the time they will call first, if they can't get you that way, then they will mail you an invitation and/or email it. Some Airlines don't care, they will call you once leave a message and if you don't get it tough luck(some regionals like Mesaba do this). If you have call notes, or call message service or an answering machine that goes directly through the telephone company you generally won't have to worry about it, because it will leave a message even if your online. I would recommend that, so you won't ever miss a message.

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