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Interview Prep To Do list

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Feb 15, 2005
Several months ago someone posted a "laundry list" if documents to get in prep for an interview. I have searched this board but can't locate the thread. Can anyone help with the link? Perhaps the original poster? Much thanks.


The Resourcer!
May 11, 2004
Proper Documentation - Run a couple of copies of your medical, licenses and certificates and put them into a briefcase so if the company would like to copy them, you've already saved them some time. Also, just as a precaution, have a copy of your birth certificate, passport and college degrees. If you don't already have a passport, go ahead and invest in one because if you wait until you need one, rush orders can be prohibitively expensive. No one has ever asked to see a copy of my college or high school transcripts but be sure to have a copy handy if an interviewer decides to prove me wrong.

This is a start.


Medieval Warrior
Aug 3, 2002
ATP, Medical, Passport, College Transcripts and Diploma, HS Diploma. Build A 10 yr employment history with locations, dates, supervisors, with a current phone number for someone who can vouch for each location. Same for residences. You TS paperwork can be very helpful for this.

Also Social Security Card(unlaminated) and Restricted Radiotelephone operators license, which you can gat at FCC.gov

If you have any doubts about your National Drivers Record (DUI, Reckless driving incident,) You might want to google NDR and get a copy. Also consider this if you have a common name.

SAme thing for your Airmans record at the FAA. Beiong Prior Military you probably won't but again, if you have a common name.


Well-known member
Feb 8, 2004
Here's one I posted awhile back in the mil transition area:

Ivan's right on the mark. Start NOW getting your ATP (I, too, did the 4 day AllATPs course with the ATP written, ATP practical, and FE written), as you can't really start applying anywhere without it. Once you've covered the basics so you can start sending out resumes, I'd focus on getting a Guard/Reserve job lined up. That will do 5 things for you.... 1. Keep you current, 2. Build you up to more competitive time, 3. Be an excellent network, 4. Keep the bills paid. and perhaps most importanly 5. Get you off active duty. In your spare time you can start on all the other stuff, such as......

-Getting your restricted radiotelephone operator permit
-Researching 10 year residence and employment history
-Requesting high school and college transcripts
-Requesting drivers records from the NDR as well as all states in which you've had a licence
-Requesting your FAA records (assuming you've had an FAA ticket before)
-Building (or rebuilding) your personal network
-Getting letters of rec from said network
-Tracking down your marrage, birth, etc records
-Buying a suit
-Reading some "how to interview" books
-Getting a passport, if you don't already have one
-Surfing flightinfo.com

Best of luck......