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Interview or not ?

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That's a 10-4 good buddy
Nov 29, 2001

I will meet the EJA min's by the end of the month. I have no turbine time, but do the night/ check flying/ single pilot thing so I'm not too worried about the skills to pass the flying portion of the interview.

I'm wondering if it is best to build more time (and turbine time which is just around the corner) or send in the app. and try for the interview. What happens if you blow the interview? Will this be a factor if you try again in 6mo. or a year? I seen a lot of, "doesn't hurt to try", but I don't really want to embarrass myself and hurt my chances at a later, more competitive date.

Any thoughts on the matter from EJA or any other guys at the other frac's would help.

Here is my advice

As soon as you have the mins., send in your application. If they call
you for an interview, it will take a while anyway. In the meantime, get
as much quality time as possible. Multi-turbine and crew experience
are what you need at this time. I know two pilots here that tanked
the first interview, and were hired on the second. You can re-apply in
6 months. Good luck to you.

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