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Intersection take-offs

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Registered User
Nov 25, 2001
Is there a reg that prevents 121 intersection takeoffs after sunset?

I fly out of BOS quite a bit. Until last night, I have never been given a 33L at G, intersection take off after dark. Once I was position and hold and told to exit the runway because the sun went down before they could get me out.. Last night they sent us there and we went..

in 121 ops you need to have the ATOG for the intersection otherwise you are not legal.
ATC is not allowed to put an A/C in position and hold at an intersection after dark, they apparently were not going to get you out before official nighttime therefore requireing you to exit the runway. Intersection takeoffs are legal day or night as long as you hace the ATOG's and no op's spec. restrictions.
ATOG are the runway anylysis required for 121 to determine your ability to meet the take off requirement from a particular runway depending on your weght , temperature,wet or dry,etc you have to use it before each take off and landing.
Fly safe
Thanks to all. I asked the BOS controllers tonight and got the same answer as DC9stick gave.

Thanks again!
I believe the no intersection takeoffs at night rule came from that wreck in LA when a US Air 737 was cleared to land on a runway occupied by a Skywest commuter aircraft that was told to position and hold at an intersection then forgotten about.

On the other hand, ORD regularly does night departures from 32L-T10, but that runway isn't used for landings.
The crash in LAX was a controller's fault not a pilot error!!!
ATC gave a position hold on the wrong runway!!
I'm not sure where you thought I was blaming the pilots.
I never said it was a pilot's fault. I said it was a plane that was cleared to land on a runway occupied by a forgotten aircraft, i.e. controller error.
Intersection takeoffs ARE permitted at night, Position and HOLD at an intersection is NOT. This was the knee jerk reaction to the accident described above.

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