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International Jumpseating

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Dec 10, 2001
I am going to try and jumpseat on United to Australia. Has anybody done this since September. I have heard that getting through security in other countries is a problem without a ticket.
Does anyone have any experience or input on international jumpseating. Does United allow jumpseaters on International flights.
Unless you work for United, United Express, or other selected major carriers you might have a hard time jumseating on United.You would probably have to be on the jumpseat list for United or forget it. You never know though. I have jumpseated International to Central America a dozen times on an airline I am not affiliated with (However we are on the domestic list but not the international list), once since September 11th. I however had a refundable pass just in case. It is never a sure thing especially if you have no affiliation or if you are not on the list. If you can talk to the crew you will have a better chance than trying to go through a gate agent. I always show up very early and stay vigilant looking for the crew so I can catch them before they get on board.
There is a very good thread in the main forum titled "jumpseat to Sydney Australia" that is only a few days old that goes over exactly this. Lots of good information there.
Just got back from Sydney, thanks for the input. It was a peice of cake. Jumpseating out of LAX was easy. Business class all the way. Coming out of sydney was a little tougher, security is much tougher there, but still no major problems. Had to fly coach coming back, flight was completely full. The united Cpatain and Cabin Crew were awesome.
No kidding, I thought Sydney was pretty lax compared to the US security. I just did the same thing, on United, through LAX in February. Oh, to the guy who said it would be difficult, perhaps you should find out more before you talk about something you know little about.
Who said it "would" be difficult. It can be. I may not be. Just like security is different for you and the other guy, so can the jjumpseat experience. I guess I will leave you "the expert" to give some advice. My whole world of jumpseating experience is not put into just one note. Been to 33 countries but I'll just let you give advice from now on.

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