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Inter-service Transfer

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Mar 16, 2002
Can anyone tell me anything about inter-service transfers? I currently fly KC-130s and questions have been floating around about how to transfer to the Air Force. People are looking to get into C-130s or C-17s. Also, what's the availability of MC-130 spots or transition to fighters?
Shame on you!

I'm going to call Spyder on you! Just kidding, good luck.

But I do have to ask - Why? You're flying the only aircraft in the Marine Corps where aircrews get per diem!:D
Sure, two cases:

a) If you owe a commitment for your flight training - forget it! There isn't a snowball's chance in "he-double-sticks" that HQMC is going to let you go. Go focus on being the best Marine that ever wore an EGA.

b) You've completed your initial service commitment - Go find a prior service recruiter (PSR) for the outfit you want to get on with. It will vary depending if you want to transfer to the regular AF, AFRes, or Air Guard. You can start at your local AF recruiting office. The PSR fills out the appropriate form. It gets forwarded up your chain of command to HQMC, with appropriate endorsements along the way. There is an order governing this, I think it's MCO P1900.16. Big thing is that your CO doesn't sign as the approver. He just endorses it. HQMC is the approving official.

Hey InHot, I trained at VT-6 in T-28's in 1981. Were you one of those screamers who busted my chops back then? 33 days to retirement at 22 YOS. Time flies....

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