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Insurance - Jet

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Active member
Dec 3, 2001
I may be able to snatch up a corporate job from a friend. My concern is Insurance. I only have 600tt and maybe 50 multi. Would I even be insurable on a small business jet like a Citation Jet or a King air 90?
Citation Jet's and King Air 90's are single pilot aircraft. Therefore, if he wants a co-pilot to ride with him, there should be no insurance stipulations since he could fly without you, or with a passenger in the right seat.


Well I'd likely be doing computer work as well as flying (thats my in to the job) so I'd be PIC.
To be a PIC on a Citationjet (I assume you are talking the CE525) you are going to need a type rating. Assuming you get a single pilot type, you are going to have difficulty finding anyone to insure you with your flight time, unless your boss is willing to pay around 60k a year for insurance. Even then, most places are hesitant to insure CJ pilots single pilot post 9/11unless you have time in type along with various other qualifiers. If you are hired SIC, you won't be able to log the time unless the PIC has a crew type. Good luck.

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