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New member
May 9, 2002
I am just finishing my private pilot license now (should have it in about 3 wks). I fly out of a busy airport that there are regional jets and airlines at. Also under the Class Bravo vail.

I am a full time Civil Engineering student out on co-op till Jan.

My question is, should I get right into my instrument training or should I wait?:confused:
Do it now

I would start right away. Unless you can't for some reason. Get right after it. This way you will stay fresh and current.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
Go for it, plenty of time before Jan to finish. Keep current once you get the ticket. The skills rust kinda fast.
I agree

I agree with both of the above post, do it as soon as possible it makes a big difference. Good luck and fly safe.

Instrument ticket

Put me in the "yes" column. The sooner you learn and become proficient at IFR the better off you'll be in the rest of your training. Instrument flying is really what most professional aviation is all about (with due respect given to the tanker pilots and cropdusters!). Moreover, there is something about instrument flying that imparts a certain feel and precision to one's flying.

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