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Instrument Refresher?

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Active member
Nov 27, 2001
I am trying to get my instrument knowledge back up to par, only problem is that when I start reviewing my Jepp book my eyes glaze over and I fall asleep. Just wondering if anyone out there had any ideas for a good video/dvd course that is a good review, as opposed to a cram session for the written. Basically what you would cover in a refresher ground school that you could do at home.
I heard that King has put out their IFR course on DVD. So it is basically like the CDROM version where you have quizzes and more interaction.

I've done the Cessna IFR Pilot CDROM course (by King) and they were pretty good. They don't discuss the regs however (the hardest part for me) and the weather is a little too basic IMO for IFR pilots.

There is a book by ASA called Instrument Flying. I used it during my instrument training and I thought it was very good, however, if you are falling asleep w/ the Jepp, you will probably fall asleep w/ the ASA.

Maybe find a buddy with whom you can study?

It is definiately going to take motivation on your part. IFR stuff isn't easy.
Another thinner, perhaps more enjoyable book called Instrument Flying is by Richard Taylor. It covers many of the important ideas in a simple and entertaining manner.

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