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Instrument Proficiency Check Past 12 Mon

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Joseph II

Well-known member
Mar 11, 2002
I understand the 6 approaches, holds, and tracking, to remain current within 6 months of being current for IFR flight.

Then the IPC takes affect if it's been longer then the 6 months, up to 6 additional months.

What happens if you've waited more then 12 months from the last time you were current to fly IFR?

I'm not certain what you mean by "then the IPC takes effect..." in reference to the period following your 6 months of currency. Instrument currency is based on certain criteria having been accomplished within 6 callendar months. If this is not accomplished, then an individual may not act as pilot-in-command under IFR.

For an additional six months after currency has lapsed, the lapsed pilot may fly the six approaches/tracking/holding with a safety pilot or while acting as SIC under actual or simulated instrument conditions, to regain currency.

Following this second six month time period, the lapsed pilot must undergo an instrument proficiency check, or pass the practical test for an instrument rating in order to regain PIC privileges under Instrument Flight Rules. I believe this was the gist of your question. After 6 months have elapsed following the month after your currency origionally lapsed, you must undergo a proficiency check or pass a practical test for instrument privileges. (eg instrument rating proficiency check, category instrument practical test, ATP practical, or type rating not limited to VFR).
Avbug is right. And just to add a little more, your Instrument proficiency check after your 6 month grace period ends can be with either an examinter, or a CFII.
Another thing . . .

The Instrument PTS has the items on which you need to be tested to pass an IPC.
Thanks for all the answers. I think I got confused in the wording last night.


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