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Instrument Currency

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Jul 4, 2002
I plan to get instrument current in a Frasca sim. I am a CFII and I DO NOT need an IPC--just currency. Do I need another CFII to sign off on this? The FARs are vague and simply state that you need the requisite number of approaches and holds in actual or simulated IMC in a plane or sim/FTD.

My intrepretation is that I do not need another CFII to sign off on this. It's no different than if I took a private pilot up to act as a safety pilot or went up solo in actual.

Find a CFII

I think you need a CFII to run the sim for you. When I was instructing and needed to get current like yourself I always had a CFII in the back.

More experienced instructors have told me this but I couldn't tell which reg.

Consider the fact that a II in the back can change the weather or give you a hold you didn't expect. I think it would be more valuable, but then again 6apprs and holding really does the trick. (Intercept and Tracking if you want to be anal)

Good Luck.
Find a CFII

I agree with the above. The Frasca is not an airplane and the time in it is not flight time but ground trainer time. Therefore, using the safety pilot analogy is invalid. Get a CFII to work with you and have him/her sign off your approaches and ground trainer time.

Have fun in the Frasca.
Quoted from 61.57(c):

"Except as provided in paragraph (e) of this section, no person may act as pilot in command under IFR or in weather conditions less than the minimums prescribed for VFR, unless within the
preceding 6 calendar months, that person has:
(1) For the purpose of obtaining instrument experience in an aircraft (other than a glider), performed and logged under actual or simulated instrument conditions, either in flight appropriate to the appropriate category of aircraft for the instrument privileges sought or in an approved flight simulator or approved flight training device that is representative of the aircraft category for the instrument privileges sought--
(i) At least six instrument approaches;
(ii) Holding procedures; and
(iii) Intercepting and tracking courses through the use of navigation systems."

So, the way I read it, as long as it is a certified sim/FTD, you don't need a CFII to sign you off. You just have to log it.

Sec. 61.51
(g) Logging instrument flight time.
(4) A flight simulator or flight training device may be used by a person to log instrument flight time, provided an authorized instructor is present during the simulated flight.
I obviously did not read enough. Leave it to the FAA to make you read three separate sections to answer one question completely. Thanks ventus.


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