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Instrument currency in Level D sims

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Citation style...
Nov 11, 2003
I know logging sim time has been beat to death on this board before, and I should probably know this as a CFII, but I'd like to submit my delimma to the wise sages that lurk this section for their advice.

I often fly sim support in Level D simulators, finishing the session up typically with an ILS approach. I do holding and tracking as part of the sessions. I've done this for over 130 hours since January. I have not logged any of this time in my logbook, but I do have company documentation of these training events.

Can I log my approaches and holding in an approved Level D simulator for instrument currency purposes *only* without an endorsement from an CFII or IGI? It seems to me 61.51(g)(4) says only that I must have an "authorized instructor" present, but this nor 61.57(c) specifically says they must endorse anything.

If I do need an endorsement to log this time for instrument currency, what would qualify somebody as an "authorized instructor"? Would they just need to be approved by the sim operator, appropriately rated as a CFII/IGI (does AGI count?) or would they need to be rated in the specific type of aircraft the simulator represents?

Thanks for the help!
Good question... Since 61.51(g) says "...an authorized instructor is present." instead of "endorsed by an authorized instructor.", I think you might be legally safe by not having an endorsement, but someone might want you to somehow prove the entry. Other records, etc. To avoid a confrontation, I would at least write the name of the authorized instructor, much like the requirement to write the name of the safety pilot when in an aircraft.

But it would be best to have a signature by the instructor - avoid the questions.
61.1 defines the authorized instructor, which would be an instrument airplane instructor - not necessary to be specifically typed.
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I saw an interpritaion of this a couple months ago. I think it was in AOPA pilot. They said you must have an instructor present. IF you are a CFII, it doesn't count.
I agree with nosehair. The regulation is written a bit funnily, requiring an instructor but not requiring it to be dual. I've never seen a formal interpretation one way or another, but if the instructor is there it makes sense to confirm it in some way in your logbook.

The bottom line practical rule of logging is pretty simple. Although there are other "reliable records" that can be used, for the most part, when it comes to showing qualification for certificates, ratings or currency, if it ain't logged, it doesn't exist.

Is a safety pilot style notation enough or is an endorsement required? Beats the heck out of me, but so long as the instructor is there supervising, why not ask for that signature.

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