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Jun 4, 2002
Anyone know anything about Electronic Flight Solutions? They sell software on terrain awareness, wx radar etc... ? They are trying to get a network of instructors to teach it but you have to buy the software first $395.

Anyone have any hard facts on the company, or tried the program? Thanks.
Sorry, no hard info like you requested - but since no one else would reply, I will say this: In my experiences, if the offer is legit and/or worthwhile, the manufacturer will provide the materials for free. Those who ask for $$$, not as likely to be a good deal.

Then again, it might turn out to be the greatest thing you've ever done.

If it looks like a rat...

and it smells like a rat...

and nobody wants to talk about it because it might be a rat...

then it's probably a rat.

Stay away...I smell a scam.

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