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instructing at ERAU Prescott

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Seeing the light
Nov 27, 2001
what's it like? interview? pay? benefits? cost of living in Prescott?

anyone that's been there as a CFI, your input is helpful,

ERAU Prescott

I worked there for two and-a-half years beginning in late 1988. Things may have changed, but I doubt it seriously. Best aviation job I had in terms of pay. Good equipment, well-maintained, good facilities that are better now, now that the flight line moved to the other side of the airport. Sometimes, more times than not, trouble getting aircraft. Tremendous learning opportunity and experience. Plenty of silly bureaucracy, egos, hidden agendas, and other mickeymouse.

I had mixed feelings about living in Prescott. It was close enough to Phoenix if you liked a big city, which I do, but still had most of what you needed. The town mentality seemed pretty small-town to me, though. A few good restaurants, including one Mexican restaurant not far from Smith's that had some of the best chile rejenos I ever had. I believe that restaurant was Maria Luisa's Kitchen. It was in a storefront. I never had a meal at the Hassayampa Inn and wish that I had. The Hassayampa Inn is this classic, art-deco hotel where many old-time movie stars stayed. We ate a lot at Nancy's Restaurant on the field. Two movie theaters in town that showed first-run flicks. Cost of living wasn't altogether expensive.

Depends on what you like. I know some people preferred Prescott Valley to the city itself. The Prescott lifestyle would be fine for retirees, of which there were plenty, or Riddle lifers, of which there are several.

Hope that helps. Drop me a private if I can help further.
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