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Inoperative Component Vs. POH


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Jan 14, 2002
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Here's another great question for ya'll smaht types:

1. A part of your 135 airplane is broken/not working. It's not an essential component, just a creature comfort (as an example, lets say its the ground blower fan)

2. It's not included in the MEL.

3. The POH notes that if it is inoperative, do not turn air conditioning unit on until takeoff.

Is this a grounding item, or may the airplane be flown legally?


May 27, 2002
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It's been a while since I have flown 135, but here's my take. If it is written up (and since it is broken, you should log it) the airplane is grounded until it is fixed. The reason being that since the airplane is on 135, you have to maintain it to 135 standards (MEL). For you to use the POH limitation you actually have to take the aircraft off of the certficate.

The simple solution would be that the ground blower fan does not break until your at a MX base. However if there is a written log, I would consider that aircraft grounded, until an A&P signs off the MX log!