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Information for Furloughed Pilots!

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737 Flyer

Feb 14, 2002
Just a quick note to you furloughed guys, Flight Training International has been able to help many furloughed pilots get their Boeing 737 type ratings paid for by the Workforce Investment Act program. The WIA is a federal program with funds, administered by the individual states, to pay to retrain displaced workers. Some states will pay for 100% of the training and expenses, others will pay less. I just met a student currently in class, who is a furloughed pilot from Oklahoma, and he had all of his training paid for. Some states are pretty tough, but if you know the right way to request the funds, you will have success. Shari Egan of Flight Training International helped me through the process and I recieved $4000 dollars for training. Flight Training also has an approval from the FAA for a reduced 737 course for furloughed 737 FO’s that dropped my course cost down to $5950. So to make a long story short, I only paid $1950 for my 737 Type Rating. Most of the furloughed guys in my class paid less as their states gave them more funding. If this can help you, contact Shari Egan at (303) 329-0999 or Email her at [email protected]. Tell her that you are a furloughed pilot interested in a 737 type rating and how the WIA funding works. I know of many United, Midway, Emery, Kitty Hawk, US Airways and other pilots that have gone through the course using this program. Sometimes it takes persistence to get the funding, but as a taxpayer, you are entitled to it. Hope this helps, See you at Southwest.
737 Flyer :)
Higher Power Aviation in Dallas http://www.jetcrew.com also is set up to do the WIA funding. I just audited the course (went through in August, you can go back for review anytime you like) and the other 4 guys in my class were all furloughed USAir F/O's getting "free" 737 types.
Furloughed Pilots

I was furloughed from Midway when I contacted Shari about getting the funds from WIA. She happily helped me get the information I needed to get the funds from my local Employment Security Commission. In the area of North Carolina where I reside, I was only entitled to $1500 because of the low unemployment rate at that time. In other parts of the state where the unemployment rate is higher, WIA would pay up to $4000, so check with your local ESC. It takes about 2 weeks for the funds to get approved and they'll send the money to FTI in Denver.

The training was very good. Since I was the only one in ground school, the one-on-one training gave me the concentrated help on areas I wanted to spend more time on. Rich Pennington is a good ground instructor....he knows the airplane well and he likes what he does....you'll have fun!

Sims were available almost anytime. They're located across the street from FTI at the old stapleton airport. Greg did a good job in the sim....I was pleased with his instructing.

Overall, I had a great experience at Flight Training International and I recommend it to any furloughed pilot...especially if WIA is buying!
WIA Funding--Ohio

Yes, Flight International in Denver is a great place to get a good 737 type. I went through the course in 1997. I had the old JPT program since I was out of work as a pilot. The program gave me close to $5,000.00 and helped with some college courses.

Now WIA has been approved in VA, AZ,TX,CA and PA for flight training...however, PA is max out...they sent over 100 pilots through flight training and they aren't send anymore since none of them have gotten a job.

Ohio is a tough one...I have been working on them for over two weeks...still pending...they haven't spent a dime that I know of for any time of flight training..:rolleyes:

Please if anyone from Ohio has tried ...let me know..maybe we can push it better with numbers?

By the way, I didn't get hired by SWA...so good luck!!!
I am currently trying to get some funding approved in my state of Idaho for a Pilatus course through Simcom in Florida OR Arizona. I was furloughed in October. The state said they are willing to pay for it (at least $5000 of it) but need Simcom to be an approved vendor for WIA endorsed training. Someone said AZ is on the approved list?? Simcom trains in AZ. How can I get more info about that. My state contact said they just need some state to be approved where I can train and they could fund my training.
Any info would help


I was at AeroService Miami yesterday and there was a number of USAir people there getting ratings with WIA funding so they too are in sync with that program.

All of these schools are professional and good. Pan Am as well has a new 737 program
Training Providers wia

Training Providers: have to be approved by the individual states. Then the local career specialist can pull them off of a state list that is provided to them. Don't quite know yet how each state approves the training provider except I do know the state has to contact the provider school for the curriculum ...Once the provider is on the list for the individual states..its a piece of cake...but its hard to get some states to approve flight training.:rolleyes:

Florida hasn't approved flight training yet...some pilots are working on it...the US Air pilots were sent to school in Florida by the state of PA.:)

I spoke with Shari at FTI yesterday and she said that she has been very busy with WIA students. If you don't get through, she said to leave a message and she will get right back to you. She said that FTI was approved in Florida and most other states but that the approval for individual funding comes from the county office of the WIA. She can walk you through the process. Hope this helps.

737 Flyer

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