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Info On Vanguard Airlines

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Active member
Dec 15, 2001
Hello guy's, .........can someone supply the following info on Vanguard Airlines.....

Is there a training contract/bond?, what is the training pay?,
What is first year F/O pay? Where is training done?,
Does the company pay for hotel/motel during training?
What is first initial aircraft assignment?, crew domiciles?,
How long for upgrade to Captain?, Benefits; insurance, etc.?
Expected time on reserve/standby before holding a line schedule?
Can you commute? Union or association or work to the FAR's???

Any assistance will be most appreciated.

Clear sky's.


Vanguard is a great company to work for. There is a training bond and I think that sets a mood around the place. It's a two year $10,000 training bond that's signed the first day of employment. It doesn't get reduced until the second year of employment. PM me if you want further details on it.

Indoc is done in Kansas City and that's a week long, it's also the only base. Then it's out to FlightSaftey in Long Beach for MD-80 training and they provide hotels and some expenses. That runs about a month and a half.

VAPA is the union and commuting is something VAPA is very strong on and you'd find it encoureged throughout the ranks.

First year pay is actually first two years pay and it isn't all that great, $28.000. Upgrades prior to 9-11 were running about 12 months in the MD-80 with one exception of an upgrade in 9 months. I have no clue what it would be now, I've since left the company, maybe someone else could pipe in on that.

From what I experienced it was fun and upbeat, a great group of people.

The atmosphere at VNGD is good right now. Hiring quite a bit and we just got three new MD-80s in the last month. The only catch is that, while we are hoping to get 6-8 MD-90's starting in April, the word is that it will only happen if congress approves the $60 million loan guarantee. If not, things may get slow. This is rumor only.:eek:
Sorry guys but I've got a real problem with going with a company that still requires a training contract post 9-11. If you made good money that would be different but @ $21.03 per unit mile (you don't even get paid for holding or long taxi's). But as long as they can fill the seats they certainly don't care. Heck, truck drivers make more money with no experience! This reeks of pay for training!! Are we that hard up?
Training Contract

Hey, I don't like it, don't intend to defend it.

However it is a reality, more so since 9/11. With 7000 pilots furloughed and only a few companies hiring; those that are hiring are in the driver's seat.

EJA, Flight Options, Air Tran, Vanguard, Shuttle America and some others (I believe) are requiring training contracts.

If you're fortunate enough to get a SWA or FEDEX interview or maybe ATA or Frontier you won't have to worry about it.

Otherwise, it's your choice: training contract for a flying job or sign up for a CDL course and push down the road in your 18 wheeler!

What a world!

10-4 Good Buddy!

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