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Well-known member
Dec 17, 2004
Have a buddy trying to leave the airlines who lives in INDY, has been trying IRL (Indy racing) with no real luck any info or advise would be apreciated.
IRL teams or IRL itself? If he's trying to do IRL, maybe he should try to find all of the business interests that the Hulman-George family own, and check them out. My guess is that IRL doesn't have its own aircraft, but uses whatever aircraft the Hulman-George family or their business interests use.

Not a corporate pilot, but an open wheel racing fan.
IMS Corp. I believe they have a couple of 604's. I don't know anyone there but they recently relocated to IND from HUF. I heard they were going to get a CRJ to ferry IRL people around to the various races.

Their hanger is over between FedEx's mx hanger and the old postal hub. I'd tell your friend to start pounding the pavement. Good luck.TC
I believe they already have the RJ, TC. I saw this thing in Richmond one weekend when they were racing there. Line dude said it belongs to them.

T-DOG, It's in NBAA under Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corp if you have the guide. If not, let me know and I'll give you the juice to give to your friend. It also shows they have a Lear 45, a 604, and a helio-copter :eek: . :D

PM me the contact info when you get a chance, our NBAA in on the computer and I won't be in the office for a couple of weeks.

Thanks for the help
I'd love nothing more than to PM you the info, but my PM privelages have been yanked by the administrator Nazi. So I'll just post it here...

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corp.
7815 Headwind Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46241
Gregory Woodsmall, Aviation Director
My editing privileges have been pulled as well, or I would have corrected my misspelling of privileges in the above post.
What's the pay and QOL? :D TC

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