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Industry OpsSpecs/WEBOPSS

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2005
Anyone have this/use this (I know a bunch probably do)? I don't (yet...) but I need some info on the guidance for certain areas under B050.
Ive looked there, but I need to know when you use the industry ops/webopss as an operator when you select an area of operation to add, where is the list of requirements for the poi to look at.

here is my example: when bermuda is selected i need to know what other areas of operation it says to are required to add...such as the watrs airspace must be issued...i need to know what it tells the poi to add or what to make sure the company is capable of (class 2 nav, rvsm, etc)

I know that there are few para. that require other para. to be issued, and those are listed in the para - for example, to get North Polar Ops, you also need Ops in Areas of Mag Unreliability.

I just did a search on WATRS in FSIMS, and it brought up 8900.1 4-1-5 - Special Navigation Areas of Operation, and that looks like it defines the specific requirements for the various defined parts of the world, and whats need to operate where.

Specific WATRS rules are in there, and the cross refs to other OpSpecs Paras required.

B050 would be much easier to handle if the IOPSS program were smart enough to link it up with the other B paragraphs that interface with it, like the NAT or RVSM ones. So you have to be careful to ensure that you authorize everything that needs to be authorized. With regard to the areas of authorization, you can keep yourself out of trouble fairly easily with a "common sense" filter. For instance, if you want to fly to Bermuda, you're going to have to consider needing things like Class II Nav or Caribbean Ops.

Also bear in mind that a lot of those paragraphs or areas of authorization will require validation testing. That's an experience that can either be a total nightmare or an absolute blast, all depending on how you approach the notion of carrying around a planeload of federales.

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