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in swa pool, what is "stop/loss"?

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New member
Feb 18, 2002
in swa pool, what is "stop/loss"?


applied late march 01
interviewed 7 jun 01
offered job 31 jul 01
typed 3 oct 01
class date ?????
Due to the current world situation, the Air Force (and Marine KC-130 pilots I think) is not allowing pilots to separate or retire. Nobody is sure when it will end so those affected may be stuck for awhile.
At least on the AF side, the personnel folks are re-looking the stop-loss decision over about every 2-months or so. Some folks who had already hooked up with a Guard or Reserve unit are submitting waivers to the stop-loss, and can probably expect to be able leave and change patches on their flightsuits because it's still "military" (apologies to ANG/AFRES types). Rest of those who planned to get out or were reaching retirement are still waiting for some sort of info, but nobody's coming out with any real answer on what they look at and what determines who's staying, going, running around in circles, etc. (Bet the pilot manning guy at AFPC is popping the champagne corks every day---he finally has some strong numbers on his pilot/nav retention slide...). But, we're still on the schedule to fly a couple times a week, and that's good enough for now.
goatboy2's class date

We'll see what Pegasus says but I predict 14 Mar for the goatboy. What is Jennifer telling you?
i have'nt been buggin jm, shoul i?

actually, i haven't been bugging jm about class dates for fear of being "labelled" as a pest.

'sides, I'm lucky enough to be a crj captain in the top 20% seniority at a great regional...

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