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In search of students!

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Jan 13, 2002
Hi guys! My name is Darius and I'm independent flight instructor.
I live in Phoenix Arizona and have to tell you that even though I try hard as I can, I don't have many students. I don't understand it. Why would people go to aviation schools and pay three to five times more for their ratings if they can find an independent CFi for much much lesser cost. Rating is a rating no matter where you get it. Can anyone advise me how can I suceed and find my own students. I have my own website avertising my services and if you would like to see it and tell me how can I improve it I will be indebted.
If link does not work you can open it manualy

For all comments I thank you in advance.

There is an old thread called "freelance instructing". Use the search function or just keep on going back through the old threads and you'll find it. There is plenty of info in it.

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