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In Regards to RNAV/GPS approaches!

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Get Some!
May 26, 2003
Thanks for all those that contribute!

What is the Circular or Aim guidance specifically on RNAV/GPS approaches that addresses using the database vs. creating your own waypoints in order to perform an approach. You cannot create your own approach due to sensitivity and RNP, Terminal, and approach modes!

All help will be appreciated. I know the Lear in NH and numerous other accidents have attributed to this directive.


Can't speak for the AIM but at my carrier we are prohibited from adding or changing waypoints on any published approach inside the FAF. Never tried but I understand that the box will not let you anyway.

The reasons why one can't just build waypoints for an RNAV approach, but rather use the ones in the database, should be self-evident...
AC 90-101, AC 90-100A, and AC 90-105 should get you what you need.

Navigation database integrity is a big deal. I do not know if you can assign mandatory fly-over points in any system.
What Chest says, unless your company paid big bucks for the FMC option to manually insert flyby/flyover waypoints, you can't.
Thanks guys! Exactly what I was looking for!

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