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In crowd at VNY and the rest of socal

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Well-known member
Jan 6, 2002
Flew over VNY today and counted over 65 jets. One of them must need a copilot. How do you break into the corporate pilot world here in socal? Where would you even start? They would probably laugh at me over there at VNY, young, bunch of SE time.
If you live in the area, i would say the best way to start is to try and meet people and do alot of NETWORKING. Keep flying and building time, the more people you know...the better off you will be.

Shoot for a Charter Operator first, you will more likely get hired by one of those with your time before a Corporate would pick you up....

Get your ATP ASAP...
65 jets at Van Nuys????????? The other 4 gazillion must have been out flying!! ha I'm from the sane part of the country but there must be a ton of charter operators at there. Try and find one that maybe has some light twins you can start in and move up to the turbine equipment Like others have said - just start knocking on doors and talking to people every chance you get. You never know when you're going to be in someone's line of sight when they need a pilot fast!

A friend of mine used to teach at VNY back in the early 90s. He found and made more connections working as a fueler for one of the FBOs than he did teaching at the oldest school there. Sun Quest, Elite and Clay Lacy all have good operations there, but It's a "who you know" environment. So, get to know some people there, there are plenty.
Becoming a fueler is actually not a bad idea. I personally know of 3 fuellers in the SW that got flying jobs, I've even hired one a while back because I liked his work ethic. It's a better way to network than just hanging around the FBO, makes people think you enjoy working.
Being a fueler isn't a bad idea to help you network. Just remember, it will only work, if you work! People will be "interviewing" you all the time...so be on your best behavior. Show a good positive attitude about whatever job you are doing, all the time!

VNY is where I started


Yes, I started in VNY flying a brand new Citation SII with nothing more than the usual CFI, MEI and about 400 hours multi-engine time. Everytime I saw someone I had targeted as a possible job op., I would go over and talk to them. Eventually, I positioned myself to be in the right place at the right time.

You gotta be persistent but not aggravating. Ever been in sales? If not, you'd better learn how to sell yourself and your skills. A good salesperson has two things: a good product or service, and the ability to sell it to someone. You have to have flying skills and knowledge that are better than the other salespersons out there trying to sell their products.

Walk around the airport and get to know everyone. Network!! I don't know how many times I've given the same advice. Research and target companies you are qualified to fly for. Go after them aggresively and most importantly, with confidence.

Good luck,
Yes, Elite is advertising for 2 Capt and 1 F/O slots. However, the user that asked about jobs at VNY has only SE time with no ATP and not current in any aircraft that requires a type. I agree, it's all who you know and being at the right place at the right time. But to give a suggestion to an individual who far from being competitive in the hiring process is, well....downright..mean!

Have a nice day!

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