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im gonna say something thay I will regret... I miss Falcons

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Moving Target
Mar 7, 2004
I'm gonna say something that I will regret... I miss Falcons

Not as much as I miss Embraers (which kick Falcon's ass) but....I've come to appreciate the good things in the Falcon after flying this Wichita abomination.Grrrrrr.:)Bring it on.
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Don't matter. It is a jet built by Cessna and...well...*gag* !!!!I actually miss the French Fried POS by comparison!!!!!

Its all good my man, I wouldn't care too much about what you are flying. Pay me good and work me 10 days a month for nice people and I will continue to fly your Global, Gulfstream, Falcon, citation, or even -yes- a Legacy. I just dont care...its the job, not the plane.

That being said - you set yourself up here on purpose so I cant resist...;)

I think flying a citation will be good for you. You can climb right to altitude and go .68, land at 90KIAS (even in crosswinds - I know you have been practicing son!) manage that wing, taxi without worry, etc etc...nobody will get hurt. Just fill it up and go.

Think of it as training wheels. You are a scrappy fella - you tried to ride a real bike (the mighty Falcon) a little too early and fell and cried a bit. Its OK. You had your temper tantrums and time outs and are preparing yourself to try again sometime soon. No better place for a challenged learner to build the basics than in a citation. We are proud of you LD!......:)


(And no, really - congrats on the job, thats always good to hear these days)
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