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I'm back in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How's your marmott?
Feb 21, 2002
I had to share this with someone, and the old hippies and young slackers in my office could care less. So it might as well be you guys :D :

After a week of phoning, emailing, begging, and pleading, I just found out that I am, indeed, eligible for re-enlistment into the US Army (RA), National Guard, or Army Reserve. I knew it might be a bit of long shot due to a misdemeanor I received just after college and a less than stellar career the first time around, but I've just been told by the NCO who's doing my BG checks this week that I am now officially good-to-go. Even better ... Army National Guard Aviation MOSs are most likely available to me, as well, so Black Hawk/Apache/Kiowa Crew Chief is still a possibility until we hear otherwise! :)

Despite my personal feelings about our reasoning/justification for the war in Iraq, I felt moved to re-enlist near the beginning of the ground war after the local National Guard units began to be called up for deployment. However I knew that with two dependent children still under age 18, I was ineligible for the Guard according to the rules for those already separated from the Army (or sump'n like that).

Fast forward to last week ... I caught a thread on another forum which said that the age rules had been changed considerably, and that prior service could now Go Guard till age 52. Realizing that my youngest son had just turned 18 years old, and now knowing about the age change, the urge to serve returned and I have been pursuing as much info as I could get, since then.

At 42 years old, with an excellent job at an outstanding company whose employees are like family, and with a part-time flying gig already as I finish up the ratings, it would appear to be an odd time to start thinking about returning to the military. I'm not sure I fully understand it myself. I only know that I will be proud to once again serve this country that has given so much to me and to my family.

I salute those of you here who have served, and those of you who serve still. I hope to join you soon!

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Thank you for your past and future service for our country.

Stay safe, and Best Wishes to you.

Thanks. I realize such news is no big deal around here, unless one is going to UPT for the Air National Guard or sump'n (and I wish I was). But it's a pretty big deal to this old fart. LOL! :D

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Let me second Falconjet's thanks and well wishes.

Although I never served in any of the armed forces I have the utmost respect for those who do / or have.
Welcome Back

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