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I'm a newhire too!

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Nov 27, 2001
I just got hired as a full time bicycle mechanic. I got a sinking feeling in my stomach when I realized my compensation package was better than my job as a pilot. $10/hour to start...dealer cost on everything. Wages have gone up for bike mechanics since I did it years ago. Look out world! The best part is that it is M-F only so I'm free to fly jumpers on the weekend. Schweeeet.
So now the question is 'Will you go back to Air Whiskey when recalled?'. That's a pretty sweet deal :D

(With Tongue In Cheek ...)
Regional airline pay

You know, that's an extremely sad commentary on pilot pay. Not to take anything away from the importance of being a bike mechanic or any other non-aviation job, including paralegal, but to be paid more for fixing bikes than being responsible for paying passengers or freight and a multi-million dollar piece of sophisticated equipment is apalling.

I know people will say that second-year pay gets better, but as a new-hire you have the same responsibilities. Something is wrong with this picture.
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Second year pay still sucks.. just not as hard.

I get to make the big seat jump next month and then I'll be able to start making a somewhat respectable wage.

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