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I'm a New Member!

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Jun 18, 2002
Hi focks!, i'm a new member that just found this wonderful site couple of days ago!.
Let me introduce myself:

My name is Javier Gore, i'm a 19 yr old boy form Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I'm just finishing my last hischool year, and i'm looking forward to move to the sates or anywere else where i could make all my ratings.

Hope this stay on this site to be great.

jgore :)
Welcome, jgore! You will find this message board to be full of valuable information and advice from pilots of all different levels of experience - students, recreational pilots, instructors, freight haulers, corporate, regional and major airline.

Visit frequently, read thoroughly, ask questions, explore the archives, and you will learn much. Best of luck in your flying career!
I'm going to get flamed for this, but here goes...........jgore call 1800-abcdefg before you do anything else.
Simon ... consider yourself flamed.

Minh :D
OK, Simon. Now let's hear you say the same thing in Argentinian.

I thought jgore did a better than average job of making himself understood.

Welcome, jgore. Glad to meet you.

i don't understand that much simon's double-sense. But i understood that i didn't express myselft that good in my first post, 'cause i was pretty exited about becoming a member, so i wrote it very fast.
Anyhow, i'm trying to speak english the best i can, as you may noticed.

jgore :)

And thanks for this warm welcome.
Just ask the doctor

Welcome! You'll find a lot of good advice on this board and you'll also find a lot of non-sense. Don't take every post to heart and think that what is contained in it is always 100% true.

I thought they spoke Spanish in Argentina. Kinda like we speak American here in America.
One more bit of advice, jgore. You mentioned your desire to come to the States (or somewhere else) to obtain your ratings.

Be VERY careful which country you go to. Each country has very different requirements and customs for professional pilots (hours, training, work visa, residency), especially those immigrating from other countries.

Also be careful which flight school you choose. Here in the US there are thousands of flight schools from small fixed-operators in tiny airports to giant university-affiliated flight academies. There are a lot of good places to learn, and a lot of places that will steal your money.

The best bet is -- TALK to as many pilots and students as possible. Each person will give you different advice. Find out how and where they got their ratings. What did they like about the school they used? What didn't they like? Would they do it differently if they did it over again?

Even on this board, you will see a lot of conflicting advice about the best way and the best places to obtain your ratings. Gather as much information from other pilots as possible, and then make your own decision.

Good luck in your career.

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