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Illinois Furloughees Read!

737 Flyer

Feb 14, 2002
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Just got off the phone with my friend Shari at Flight Training International, She wanted me to post that she has recieved some information to help Illinois Furloughees with the WIA funding for Type ratings. If you are furloughed from an airline and were either working in Illinois at the time of furlough or living in Illinois when you were furloughed from an airline, you should give her a call. Her name is Shari Egan, Flight Training International, (303) 329-0999.

Hope this Helps!


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Nov 25, 2001
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Talked to a furloughed UAL pilot who stated that he recieved his 737 Type a few months ago. The info was that any ORD based pilot that was furloughed has access to 6K from IL workforce development. You do NOT have to live in IL, just need to provide your furlough letter showing that you were based at ORD.

Shari Egan is the lady to speak with at can be reached at 1-800-233-0050. They have a web site and use DENTK flight sims on a contract basis. The only catch was military guys, had some problems getting funding especially if they signed up again, they may not be granted the money. But check it out, I believe it will cost you about $1200.00 out of pocket for the Type and obviously any lodging and meals will be in addition to it. Good luck!