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IFR refresher training

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May 6, 2002
Its been a long time. A quick question: I stoped flying for over 5 years and just started back up again. I wouldn't know how to file IFR for the life of me. I, however, know I could fly the plane. Does any body have suggestions where to take an IFR refresher class in SoCal or NorCal?
Thanks for your help.
I thought about that avbug. I thought a structured refresher course that was put together specificaly to bring an instrument pilot back up to speed, would save some bucks and cover all the important topics, (usually the refresher's gone through it some many times, all the bugs are worked out, so to speak).
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll probably end up finding a CFII.

Welcome back to flying!

Pop over to my flight school's website for a list of IFR questions. Use those to direct your ground study. Do NOT try to have all the answers before starting simulator and flight training. Do try to have most of the answers before going into IMC solo.

If you are in the Van Nuys area, come on over to one of our IFR WINGS Seminars. They are a free way to get back into the IFR thinking game. Tuesday(not Wed.), June 11th, is our Basic Attitude Instrument Flying Seminar. If you need directions and times, please PM me.

And yes, blatant advertising here, Gene Hudson Flight Training does offer structured refresher courses based on the pilot's needs.

Jedi Nein
Local airport

I'd just go to your local airport and walk into any FBO that offers flight instruction. I'd make sure the school has a training device to save some money while getting current again on procedures.

I know what you mean about not flying for several years. I haven't flown in more that eight years. While I'm sure my skills would come back soon enough, getting back all the knowledge would take some time and serious bookwork.

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