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Well-known member
Apr 4, 2004
Did a search for info, but didn't find much current stuff. Would anyone involved with IFL's 727 operation care to comment on the usual stuff you'd want to know ? Thanks.
I was there just b4 the 727 they usually hire low time guys, flying auto freight --vend for kitty hawk, active aero etc.. train you for the right seat --extreme cold weathr ops long duty days. 24/7 pager --must be w/i 20 min radius of PTK @ times can get released for the weekend. Down time usually when the plants shut down, around Xmas/New Years and changeover in July. Keep in mind this info is about 5 years old, but probably hasn't changed much. Owner is Alan Ross - local guy in West Bloomfield. For low time guys, starting pay is $1200/mo gtd (I think) and Capt pay was $2400/mo gtd --during the summer peaks you can expect a lot of long hours and some Capts were making about $80K in the 580 -- they definitely earned every dime of that. They did hire a few older guys close to retiring that already had types. They of course went to Capt pay and went right to the left seat. It's a great company to build time with. The experience is priceless... freight is definitely respected in the industry... not for the white collar pilot... you will get your hands dirty --hope this helps! Good luck

P.S -- I think the DO now is Mike Cary.. but not 100% on that
Man, current DA-2000/ Citation X pilot, used to work for IFL, Sure thats not you A.R.?
You have nothing better to do than harass people you MIGHT have known and stir sh!t about the merger and parked planes? I should have called in sick yesterday and made you fly! Go ride your bike.
Nice one steveg. Harassed him more than I. Why don't you go throw your spandex biker shorts on and hike a mountain.
Convairs and 727's are part 121, FO pay is 2000/mo guarentee, but you make a lot more with border crossings, wait time, per diem, etc. plus pay over guarentee. Paid per mile. Training pay is $1000/mo, probation for 6 months at 1500/mo, then full pay with a slight raise at the yearly checkout anniversary. Average about 40 hours per month Jan.-June, then you're right up to the 100 hours in 30 days until about Thanksgiving. Most of the guys have been flying 30,000+ miles since July. It's a good company to work for if you don't mind the 20 minute call out, and you do get most weekends off when it's slow.

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