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If you get the call...SWA that is...

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Well-known member
Feb 5, 2002
First off, good luck to all of those who met the DB today...

JB should be making calls sometime next week, so if you get the call, help your fellow swimmers out by asking:

How many people are in the pool?

How many are on stop/loss?

Any idea when you can expect a training date?

We're fishing for the first 2, and don't expect an answer to the third, but you never know. Hopefully she will at least forecast you by the end of the year.

As of March 1 or so, the number of guys/gals who had "missed" their class due to stop loss was enough to fill about 1 class. (At least I was told my class date would slip one if stop loss ended).

One of our class periods was taught by a F/O who is on the interview team, and his estimation was that there were approximately four (!) hundred folks in the pool. If that number is correct, it seems odd that they would fill the pool up that deep unless they did in fact have plans to empty it pretty quickly...
Initially, I think that they thought that they were going to continue to have classes throughout the summer and with the lower revenues last quarter it looks like they were caught with their pants down, so to speak. No summerschool. :-(
(Can anybody say "Change of plans?")

As a poolie all we can do is hope for the best and hope that they start classes soon. But unfortuntely it looks like it is going to be a while. A long while at that too.

400 in the pool sounds realistic to me. Some may think that that number is high and I hope they are right.


I spoke with JB yesterday. She said I should be in the next class or if stop-loss goes away, then in the 2nd class. That pretty much confirms what xhercdrvr said earlier about 1 class worth of non-releasable military personnel.

Ok, its too early, and I've not yet finished my coffee, but there should be a way to calculate "actual pool size". Prior to the big training "slowdown" folks were waiting in the pool for almost 180 days, +/- a few days, but that number was almost rock solid. So isn't there a way that we can take the total number of pilots who were trained during that time, and compare it to the total number of pilots who were on our list? This would give us a good "rough" number of our pool representation..?

Any math dudes want to run with this one?!

Well let's see........they were doing 40 pilots a month and there is a six month "wait" to get in so maybe 240?......

I guess you would have to add the stop/loss factor say two classes worth, add 40.

From there add up the missing class from april (only had one class) so that is additional 20

then I guess you have to ask if they still stocked the pool with pilots not knowing the classes were going to stop , (business as usual, when they were still interviewing....) till People Department got the word to stop interviewing.......maybe add 50...(wild ass guess)

add all that up and I come to around 350.

Which I guess sounds right because we were showing about six or seven guys going to class off our list per class date........going by their class assigned date. So a three to one ratio. ? we have about 120 in the pool on this site. so three to one would make it 360.

Too much time on my hands....and oh by the way this is all coming from a guy who can't balance his checkbook so takeit for what it is worth..... .02


I like the 250 number better anyway......

More poolies...

Just sent in the new update and we've added 15 more this week. Perhaps we were at a 1 to 3 ratio before, but I believe it's getting closer to 1 to 2 now. Sure would be nice to see the actual list in Dallas.

Please keep the info coming, you all...

I'll be out of town this weekend camping with my daughter. Ya'll have a great weekend!

I just want to know why I keep moving DOWN the list every time it's updated. Isn't this the wrong direction?

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