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Well-known member
Jul 14, 2005
Hello, for those who may be unemployed, I subscribe to career builder and in the last week 4 various corporate pilot jobs were posted for pilots at different levels, some require 5000 hours while some other corporate aviation jobs require less hours.

A fortune 100 company posted today call Emerson Electric, plus there is Aerotek-Aviation LLC, John Hennessy, and Leisure hotels and resorts, just go to website and type in corporate pilot. Good luck and this is just a reminder or anyone searching.
Thanks for the info, but I had no luck finding specific jobs on the web. Could you please be a bit more specific on the websites. Gracias.
HOLA, doolie, I have taken the liberty of printing up those ads to my computer and found 2 others at the same time, I will send you a pm, if you need help or want the information.
ref. Id on Career was 4133894 for Emerson, I am hoping for someone in particular to land this job, that someone is in my prayers tonight!
Emerson Electric, Co., a diversified Fortune 100 manufacturing company, has an immediate opening at its corporate headquarters for an experienced Pilot in its Flight Department. The successful candidate must hold a fixed wing ATP, have 5,000 hours of total time and 3,000 hours of multi-engine.

We offer an attractive salary and benefits package based on the merits and experience of the candidate. To explore this opportunity, please forward your resume and salary history to:

Attn: Mark Botterman
Corporate Director
Community Programs and Corporate Personnel
8000 W. Florissant
PO Box 4100
St. Louis, MO 63136


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