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I'm a dippidy doer
Nov 28, 2001
Seriously folks. I can just about guarantee that I'm even more screwed than most of you when it comes to finding a job... I have exactly 25 hours left in classrooms before I graduate with a B.S. degree in Aviation Maintenance and Manufacturing.

I'm far enough from IFR 135 mins, they might as well be on the other side of the moon, nobody wants a CFI these days, no matter how good, enthusiastic, or knowledgeable they might be, nobody will take an A&P with a COMM, Multi, Inst, CFI, CFII because they think they'll leave as soon as possible, same with a line job... It always sucks to be a pilot looking for a job, but right now it's absolutely awful.

I haven't worked in the aviation industry for almost a year (I turned down CFI jobs last summer because we all know that a CFI who's there for three months is one big disservice to the customer), and I haven't flown hardly at all in the past three quarters of a year (maybe thirty hours, maybe). At least I have something I can turn to that will keep me from being destitute--youth ministry. But trust me, if you think you don't get paid enough as a CFI, imagine working twenty hour days for months on end (and that's only if you aren't a full time counselor), not even the least chance to fly, for a salary which could possibly be referred to as a pittance if you're lucky... At least it's got a GREAT retirement plan :)

But the point is, if I can find some money to give, I'm sure as all get out you can too. Mark did a service for the aviation community when he created this board, don't let him get screwed by that. The only reason I am where I am today, and not having the time of my life flying freight in a faded twin in all sorts of weather is that over the years I've helped as many as I possibly could out. When a plane needed flown somewhere, I always let the other pilot fly the plane because I figured "the time will come soon enough for me, if he wants them, let him have them." I've not logged an hour that's this flying under the hood timesharing crap, when I had a 310 at my disposal a while ago I took as many people as I could flying, without logging a bit of that. I have literally given until I had not a cent to my name, and those who I helped will barely give me the time of day. Don't let Mark feel that way about this website. It's a bad way for anyone to feel, especially among a group which talks about sticking together and such.

I'm sure many of us are having quite tight times, but that should not stop us from giving of ourselves as much as we can. I don't expect to find a job because of this board, I don't want people to feel sorry because of this post, I just want people in aviation to stop being so frikken petty. Seriously, the CFI who is just doing it to pad his logbook so he can move up to a regional is the type of person that is killing the new students, and is just acting out what society tells them to do: look out for themselves. This board won't solve those problems, but it is those problems that will cause this board to cease to be...


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