Idea for making money for the web site!


Guinness means Genius
Dec 18, 2001
Total Time
A thought just occurred to me on how to raise money for this web site. Instead of asking for donations which is kind of hard for most people right now (including me, Living off of Top Ramen, free Coffee and doughnuts at the FBO) why not take every thing under YGBSM...(You've Got To Be Spoofing Me)! And make a book out of it? I haven’t laughed so hard before in my life after reading most of the posts under that section. Nothing fancy but like a bathroom type book.

Sure there will have to be a lot more posts under the section to compile a book. But it could raise enough money to keep the server up for years. Probably even enough to start a fund and or scholarship. To help families of pilots which have gone though a tragedy, furloughed pilots, and maybe even a scholarship for aspiring new pilots.

We could even write and compile most of the posts so that non-pilots/non-ATC people would even get a kick out of it.

What are your thoughts?