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IBT-1108 sends letter to OneSky customers


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Jan 13, 2006
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I applaud the move however I agree with the Yammer Jammers it will cost us business.

But there is only one person to blame for that and it is Farquaad himself, King Ricci. He is the reason this has dragged on so long, so contentiously and is responsible for creating an environment our owners have a right to be aware of...

Now maybe the owners will just be concerned if it will cost them money or inconvenience them but ethically speaking this was an appropriate way to advise them the company is attempting to compromise their safety and is squandering their money but still assuring them the pilots themselves are professional and can be counted on to do their jobs regardless.

With more pilots needing to call in fatigued due to issues of refusing to fly tired or hungry and more pilots recognizing the danger of flying against FARs or carrying maintenance items and questionable MELs, it is only right to give our owners a heads up why this is happening.

Additionally, with the FAA breathing down our necks I suspect some uptick in ramp checks will happen. That is sure to cause delays as well.

Fact is it took balls to write that letter and I'm proud the union took the ethical road here. I wish our owners could see Yammer but then again I'm happy they are not because what's going on behind closed doors is sure to worry them. To see a company so poorly managed is sure to have them run scared.


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Aug 26, 2003
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I am amazed at the naivety. I could see this spilling over to the public several months ago. I thought everyone knew where this was headed. The texts I've gotten are astonishingly naive.