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I thought Freedom was dead?

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I.P. Freley

I like people food
Dec 26, 2001
No, not that kind of freedom, Freedom Airlines. What happened here, I thought that Freedom was a paper company only?

Freedom Airlines to open new routes between Orlando and six destinations

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- As fall brings cooler temperatures,
Delta Air Lines' (NYSE: DAL) customers flying to, from and throughout the
Sunshine State will discover a host of new flights from which to choose.
Beginning in October, Freedom Airlines, Delta's newest Delta Connection
carrier, will offer new non-stop service between Orlando and six destinations:
Austin, Texas; Charlottesville, Va.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Fort Wayne, Ind.;
Jackson, Miss.; and Northwest Arkansas Regional, Ark. Additionally, Delta
Connection carriers plan to increase daily service between Orlando and nine
more markets by December.
"Delta is continuing to respond to our customers' requests for more non-
stop flights to their favorite Florida destinations," said. J.T. Fisher,
president and CEO, Delta Connection, Inc. "Thanks to the addition of Freedom
Airlines to the Delta Connection program, we are able to connect more of our
customers in the Southeast and Midwest to some of the world's leading vacation
venues in Orlando."
Freedom Airlines is part of Mesa Air Group - just like Mesa Airlines and Air Midwest. The seniority list is common between all three; and all are ALPA represented. The only thing in common with the "Old" Freedom Airlines is the name. A Freedom CRJ driver makes just the same as a Mesa one, which isn't necessarily much. Not the bottom of the industry - but close.
Yes, I know all that. But I was under the impression that Freedom basically never got off the ground, and it had one airplane on the certificate just to keep the cert alive. I was unaware that they were actually DOING anything with that certificate.
Freedom Airlines will be operating 30 ERJ's for Delta Connection. The Delta/Delta Pilots CBA does not allow Delta Airlines to code share with an Airline that operates aircraft with more than 70 seats in a market served by Delta; Therefore Mesa Air Group can not use the Mesa FAA certificate to supply aircraft to the Delta System while operating the CRJ 900 on the same certificate in Delta markets; hence Freedom Airlines.
This sounds mighty familiar.... RAH, anyone? :)

What I was trying to say is that I didn't know that Freedom was being utilized as of yet... First I knew of it was reading the news today.

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