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I shall be heard

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darling pretty

Well-known member
Feb 1, 2002
Never once in my thread did I say my 1st Amendment rights were being violated, you insinuated that just from my title which was nothing more than a catchy way to get someone to click. Just as this title is also. Apparently it worked.

I am fully aware that this is not a street corner, but as you did point out this is Mark's house, not I fly's. Therefore when you state that it is propaganda and spam, you alone decided that, not the readers and writers on this board. Many would not call that spam and I found several of their points open for great debate.

I am indifferent to the fact that you "joined" RJDC, that has no relevance to my comments.

Again, I find you letting your personal feelings dictate the spin on this forum I should have erased it or moved it to "buying and selling" but I didn't. Leave the thread open and let the masses decide if it is spam.

I am done, I am waiting for the private message or dismissal from this board and that is fine. I just felt that one of the biggest issues facing aviation should allow all Points and Counterpoints to find a home outside of the ALPA message boards where not all the patrons here have access.

Peace always, and may God Bless my fallen helo flyers today and everyday.
Ok, you've been heard. Now why not shut up for a while? Why not post your complaints in one of your previous threads? Or send a PM to the moderator? Whining about freedom of speech and demanding to be heard gets old fast. Give it a rest.
which one of my 2 posts got old ???

also, any chance I had to respond on my one other post was closed by i fly, hence the new thread.
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How did you come up with that name Darling Pretty, I would rather hear about that then how you have all these first amendment rights?????
Sorry no seedy tail, it is song title by marc knopfler (dire straits ), that happened to be on my cd when I was creating my profile.
C'mon, guys. I know nothing about the other threads or issues...wasn't following along (seems to be a lot of excitement, though). Give the guy a break. He can't be all bad...he flies rotorcraft, for crying out loud!

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