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I screwd up

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Well-known member
Mar 3, 2002
whats up guys , I need your help on this issue

I came accross this add for 135 job, I called the chief and spoke to him,he asked me to fax my resume Immediatly. He seem to be a nice guy,i thought i had the job so i went and prepared me a resume and a cover letter. At the same time i prepared a resume and cover letter for Wal Mart( to update my resume with W MART). My Office has only one fax machine so i had to hurry up and guess what I BY MISTAKE FAXED THE COVER LETTER OF W MART TO THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANY,

I stated in the cover letter how much i loved W mart and would give my right hand to work for them .Did i really screw it up for myself, coz the chiefy never called again. With the talks we had i thought i had the job.ANY bail out suggestion.Thanks in advance

P.S - Both the cover letters are identical except the company names

Ouch! Good luck with the job at Walmart!

Seriously, yes, it was a huge mistake and it sounds like it's the reason that you were not called back. You can't get the job if you do nothing about it, though. Call him and explain yourself. If it dosesn't work, no harm in trying. You'll always wonder if you could have corrected your mistake and who knows, maybe he'll be impressed with your cajones. I say fax the whole thing over again (with a BRAND NEW cover letter) and then follow up with a call or even in person.

Otherwise, take this as a lesson well learned and really pay attention next time!

Good Luck to you,
Get on the stick immediately and try to remedy the situation. It's not a total disaster though, it may have been more of a laugh than anything else if you can pull it off, but just try or you'll always wonder "what if." If the place is local try to go down and explain with a new cover letter and resume, dressed nicely, and be ready to sell yourself all over again.

Good luck!
When I was the Assistant Chief Pilot for a large Charter Company I got a resume with the Job Objective of: "To obtain a Flight Officer Position with United Airlines". It was a resume sent in the blind, and it went right into the circular file....

If I were you... I would refax a new one, and call the chief pilot and explain you are keeping ALL of your options open until someone comes through with a job offer... He should understand that you are trying to get on with multiple companies.... I don't know too many people who don't play the field while they are looking for a job....

Good luck, you have nothing to loose!

Falcon Capt.
Hey givpicachanc, I feel your pain. When my brother was just finishing new-hire training with ACA, we both agreed that my coincidental trip to the DC area would be a good time to stop in the Pilot Recruitment department and see where my resume fell in the stack. At the time, I was concentrating my efforts on Air Wisconsin and really wanted to work at AWAC after visiting with Dean and Kim in ACA pilot recruitment along with my brother there to recommend me, they dug my resume out of the files, dusted it off, and proceeded to schedule an interview. I must have sent resumes to each of these companies ten times and probably double that to Air Wisconsin. However, the one resume of those ten that I sent to ACA happened to be accompanied by the cover letter to Air Wisconsin and the closing remarks on my cover letter read something like "I look forward to speaking with you in the near future reguarding my addition to the Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation team as a flight officer."

When he handed the resume to me, he asked if all the information was still current and to please update any information I could from memory. On his initial glance over the resume and cover letter, he did not pick up on my mistake and I took the opportunity to tell him that my address, phone numbers, flight times, and date available information had changed and if it was okay with him if I faxed him a current/updated copy to him that afternoon. He agreed and we scheduled the interview. Nothing was ever said about my mistake and I am sure that none of that information would have ever made it to the interview. And then Osama screwed up those plans. . .

I am sure I have answered absolutely none of your questions, but I figured a few of you would get a good laugh at my mistake as I know I have. Good luck and remember, we are all human and make mistakes, simply make the initiative to straighten out the situation and explain what happened. I will guarentee this: you will only make this mistake once. Again, good luck!


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