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I recently had the "good" fortune to ride on a Mesa flight...

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unpredictable member
Sep 2, 2003
in one of their CRJ 700's. Now the CRJ line was never blessed with the most comfortable seats in the industry-the sad fact is that those years are well in the past what with ever more onerous flame proof requirements and the endless quest for lower weight and decreased seat-mile cost. Sadly, passenger comfort concerns have been relegated to a "back in the good old days" footnotes of aviation history.

Hell, even the so called "Legacy" airlines have pressed RJ's like the 737 (one of the two original US RJ types along with the DC-9) into service to Hawaii from the West Coast of the US even though they frequently need to bump luggage and passengers because of their marginal capacity to operate over such routes to say nothing of the fact that it is completely inhumane to trap human beings in those conditions for the 6 hours it takes to make the crossing...

Still, I didn't know that there was any spare material to remove from a CRJ seat but it seems that I was mistaken. The seat back now seems to consist of some kind of leather or leather substitute stretched directly over the frame.

Nice work Orenstink-you have reached a new low in the race to the bottom!