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I need some advice.

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Apr 27, 2002
I'm looking into getting in to the A&P side of aviation. A friend of mine is looking at doing the same thing. The only problem is he has a record with felonies for check fraud. Will he have a problem getting a job after he is done? I said he migh be able to get on with a small company but i'd ask you guys for input.
sounds like he's screwed

Hate to say it, but he should have though a little more carefully about a career that involves the PUBLIC TRUST before he got into passing hot checks.

Would you like to put your life in a person's hands that is only allowed to pay for parts with cash or money order? That's kind of how the folks that do the hiring think.

Maybe he can get on with a training company / flight school.

Not good... it never really matters what the felony is, just that you have to check the box.

There is currently a shortage for A&P's, so maybe your friend has a chance at a small company, but I wouldn't necessarily count on it.

No chance at the majors I would say. Security screeners are being dropped like flies b/c of prior felonies. I would think that the same criteria (if not more) would apply to A&P's.

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