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I need Information About jumpseating

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New member
Dec 1, 2001
To any one who might know something about jumpseating, I'm now with EJA, and would like to know if any airline is allowing us to ride with them, thanks in advance, any input will be very appreciated, happy holidays to all.:D
EJA is a Frac/135 operator, Current FAA policy prohibits use of the cockpit jumpseat by offline pilots, 121 carriers are limiting offline pilots to pax seats and allowing no 135 or other pilots. I would seriously doubt frax./ nonsched. 135 pilots will ever see a J/S again.
It is a lot harder than it used to be but it depends on the airline (not many are allowing 135 jumpseaters). I know of a few 135 guys, including myself, that have jumpseated recently. I'd figure out where you want to go, and then call the airlines that serve that destination, and ask them what their policy is.

We are now limited to the cabin (fair enough) so I cannot understand why the airlines that used to allow 135 jumpseat are not allowing it after 9/11. Are we more of a threat to a flight than the general flying public?
If I am not mistaking, EJA is on our list at PSA. I am like 99% sure.. I dont recall ever having anyone from EJA ever jumpseat though. p.s.. it is a post 9/11 list that i saw
If you don't mide riding around in the middle of the night in freight Lears or MU-2's you are welcome at Bankair. Send me a private post where you want to go and I'll do my best to help out.

Yea, EJA is on PSA's list.

If you do decide to take a ride in the Moo 2, take your earplugs.

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