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I know...

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I.P. Freley

I like people food
Dec 26, 2001
I, too, was a furloughee. I know what it's like to hang your coat on a rumor and have the coat fall to the floor.

The problem here is that the same friend turned down a job with another regional partially because the "deal" wasn't as good as ExpressJet (better pay but the contract isn't as good), partially because the company isn't as reputable or as big, but more to the point, because he thinks he's about to be recalled.

So, basically, he turned down a job with a USAirways Express carrier with a very real possibility of upgrade in summer '03 to sit around and wait for ExpressJet for another six (or more??) months just to be recalled, and Lord knows how long upgrade will be from THAT point.

Any theories on upgrade time once furloughees return?
No theories on upgrade although I would guess that it would be a good two years depending on the economy.
Thats too bad about your friend turning down the USair express job. I would jump at the chance if only I had competitive times.... Who knows, maybe it will be sooner than later when we get recalled

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