I fly for the constitution ?????????

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Feb 1, 2002
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I fly, not defending or attacking the RJDC or SDD, but I bristle at your characterization that it is pure propoganda and with a flick of the wrist you close the thread.

More power to you as a moderator, I like this site a good bit and I know it is a free service (sort of),but shutting down what is an important discussion is not the way for you to display your displeasure at the RJDC.

Everyday there are new names listed as members and there are countless others who read this without being members, all of them deserve the ability to engage in discussion,ask questions or just read and shake thier head at the insanity of it all. The rjdc site does not include a message board for the free-flow of banter.

This is touted as the message board that is second to none , prove that by allowing free discussion. These RJDC discussions do not offend by libeling anyone or making any offensive statements to any group. If you allow the McDonald's job offer thread to continue, then you certainly can't complain about RJDC vitrol.

My suggestion is either make a whole other category just for RJDC threads ( ala YGBSM) or put this issue to a vote for all of the members to decide whether or not to allow any further RJDC postings or discussions.

My disclaimer, I fly for a WO connection carrier and I believe some of the RJDC and I have issues with some of their statements, but I do believe I should have the ability to discuss it with more than the same six people that post on ALPA.

Thanks for listening.


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Nov 26, 2001
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Hey, I guess I missed something. Which thread was closed? If you noticed, most of the rjdc threads have been some of the most popular on this board. However, the moderators seem to have their own ideas about the subject, and tend to be participants instead. I just hope the judge hearing the case has no such conflict of interest.


Nov 25, 2001
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As you might expect, I too would be saddened to discover the suppression of ideas (that's what it would be...) here on the Board.

I don't mind the occaisional poster telling me where to go, but I want to have sufficient information to know how I will get there.
I'm not sure what will become of the RJ issues. Perhaps nothing, perhaps something that will change our industry.

Since there is a large core group of us who contributed to keep this place alive and vital, we deserve a lively and healthy debate on issues of concern, here in the arena of ideas.


Nov 28, 2001
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To Muc
It may surprise you to learn that I too am a "member" or the RJDC. Though I don't send money, I remain on the list to keep informed. However, this is not the place to be posting every note the RJDC puts out. That is what their site is for. I'm sure Mark ( the webmaster) would be happy to sell them advertising space if they so choose, and I'm still quite open to RJDC debates here. Those threads remain open. I'm just not interested in seeing "points and counterpoints" posted here every time a new one comes out. Go to www.rjdefense.com for that.

As for your implication that your 1st ammendment rights have been violated, I hate to tell you, but this is a privately owned forum. Your 1st ammendment rights allow you to stand on any street corner and shout for the RJDC. They don't allow me to come into your house and shout for it. This is Mark's house. You don't have any 1st ammendment rights here. You are welcome to pony up your own money and start your own website, though. Then you can say whatever you want.

To answer the other questions raised here, I have made my feelings on the RJDC clear. I have not censored or closed any of those discussions. I closed the thread in question because it is spam. It was posted with no comments to even debate. Spam is a violation of the board rules.
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